Dovercourt Holiday Park

Low Road, Harwich, Essex, CO12 3TZ (view map)

Dovercourt Holiday Park in Essex is a fantastic holiday home location which is infused with history and tradition. It has excellent park facilities and lots to offer to keep all the family happy. Dovercourt Holiday Park really is the perfect choice.

The town of Dovercourt and nearby Harwich has many historic interests which is a big reason why the area has many visitors from all over the UK. For history enthusiasts you can visit nearby landmarks like the Redoubt Fortress which has fantastic panoramic views of the Peninsula or you could visit the Lifeboat Museum, The Halfpenny and the Old Treadmill Crane.

On the holiday park there is lots to keep all the family amused, there is a newly refurbished clubhouse, an outdoor swimming pool as well as an all-weather sports court. If you need to stock up on your essentials there is a small shop on site to get all you need for your stay.

Owners at Dovercourt Holiday Park can enjoy up to a long season with many different ranges of Holiday Homes to suit everyone, It’s not call the Essex Sunshine Coast for nothing! Why not have a look around and breathe in the seaside air and where a warm, sunny welcome awaits!

Dovercourt Holiday Park

Buy and sell with confidence with Harvey Longsons at Dovercourt Holiday Park. If it’s the feet up lifestyle you want Dovercourt Holiday Park is right for you.

Knowing exactly what you want from a holiday home is the most important aspect when shopping for a static caravan or a lodge.

Depending on your requirements you will want to choose a holiday park that provides everything you need. Dovercourt Holiday Park offers a quiet location with a less is more attitude.

And keep in mind: a static caravan at Dovercourt Holiday Park is not for a one-off holiday but a place that you’ll return to time and time again. For that reason, it is important that you choose a holiday park that offers multiple attractions and has a diverse range of surroundings to explore and enjoy. Most importantly a Holiday Park that suits your needs.

With a holiday home at Dovercourt Holiday Park, you can say au-revoir to all the hassles that come with booking a getaway. No more arguments over where to go and no more need to spend countless hours searching out discounted lodging offers. Static caravans at Dovercourt Holiday Park offer a freedom of movement that many will never experience. At the drop of a hat you can take a break whenever you feel the need. No arrangements need making and, most importantly, you can enjoy unlimited holidays at Dovercourt Holiday Park with no significant costs involved.

Static caravans don’t only save you money but they can earn you money as well! Dovercourt Holiday Park permits sub-letting therefore you can rent it out during the periods that you’ll not be using it yourself.

One of the main benefits that static caravan owners at Dovercourt Holiday Park purport to enjoying the most is the sense of being part of a community. With a countless number of holidays at Dovercourt Holiday Park possible each year it is inevitable that you’ll strike up some lifelong friendships with other like-minded people.

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